A Significant Event for Tyler

Tyler depicted “When my sister died” for his schoolwork on significant events. He told me while showing me this, “Nothing really changed in my life, we just became 4.” They were discussing how significant events change people’s lives.

P. S. By “nothing changed,” I believe that Tyler means the stability he has with his family did not change.

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Heartbreaking Angels

In the days leading up to Sofia’s 5th birthday, Nhatz and I were saddened and touched by other stories of children who braved serious illness. They who went through the journey with lots of love, both from God and experienced through their family and the outpouring of love and support from other family members, friends, even strangers.

Nhatz sent me a link about Courageous Caitie a few days ago. Then she started appearing in my newsfeed. I knew I needed emotional space to take her story in so I only started reading the posts today (Saturday). Caitie is a  3 1/2 year old girl who was rushed to the hospital in January  and for whom it took several weeks and doctors and hospitals before being diagnosed with a rare form of juvenile leukemia.

Caitie joined Jesus last March 31. Her mom, Feliz, shared Caitie’s last few hours in this post.

Feliz, you ask how to move on? I don’t know that you really move on. You carry on. With God’s grace. Living and enjoying the life and the blessings you are still gifted with.

Their ICU family selfies and how they held Caitie in their arms when they knew it was time were all too familiar. Caitie’s dad is a photographer and took pictures that reminded me of the ones Nhatz took for Sofia.

Smilin Rylan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at 22 months old. He battled for 4 years, with 3 relapses. I only learned about his battle last September 2015 from his Aunt, a former teammate at work. He has been in my thoughts and prayers as I saw updates in Facebook about his journey.

I just learned about his passing this morning. ICU, intubation, dialysis. All too familiar.

My heart goes out to their families. I pray for their courage to carry on as they hold the memories of their times with Caitie and Rylan in their hearts.

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So proud of Sofia’s Dr. Jonas del Rosario for being the featured hero in the winning MyChampionHero entry.


The winning essay was entered by the aunt of another baby, Evan, who was also born with CHD. Here’s the write-up:

A short film will air tonight on Star Movies at 8:55 pm. Sofia will be in #fangirl mode watching! Timely too, as it is her 4th anniversary tomorrow.

Btw, some years before Sofia, he compassionately treated our Tyler for Kawasaki Disease too.

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Mourning for Option A

I read beautiful words from Sheryl Sandberg today as she marked the end of the 30-day grieving period of sheloshim for her husband, Dave.

I will forever mourn the loss of my Option A – a llfe blessed with a daughter I could do all sorts of Disney Princess and girly stuff with as she bloomed into a woman of substance of her own.

But meanwhile, let me kick the shit out of my Option B.

I learned from blogger Ramit Sethi that it doesn’t have to be A or B. It can be A and B.

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4 on 4/4!

Happy 4th birthday, dear angel!

We had spaghetti on your birthday. The noodles don’t stand for long life, for you had a short one on Earth. But you have eternal life now. That’s longer!

Miss you terribly. Especially when I see the 6 Dizon grandchildren running around in happy chaos. Can’t help but think you should’ve been part of the merry mayhem too…


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Meet Our (Sponsored) Child

We’ve been having babies every n years, so last month our kids were excitedly speculating about whether a baby would come out of my unpregnant belly.

I’m done having babies. I feel complete with how our family turned out – with Yoachim, Tyler, and angel Sofia. So instead of making that kind of announcement, let me make another one.

Meet our (sponsored) child, Marcelino! He lives in one of the World Vision communities in Cebu. 🙂


More than a decade ago I used to reject the mails that came in, inviting me to sponsor a child for less than a cup of coffee daily. I preferred anonymous donations. I didn’t want to be emotionally attached and commit to sponsoring a child.

Well last April, I finally opened my heart and easily got Nhatz’s agreement to sponsor a child. I’m happy that we did. 🙂

Our money gets pooled with that from other sponsors to strengthen the community that the child lives in. They get access to clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, education, economic opportunities, and more.

Click here to learn more about child sponsorship through World Vision.

Click here to sponsor a child in the Philippines. Don’t worry if you have to back out at some point, the child won’t be left hanging because the donations are pooled for the community.

Still got commitment issues? Click here to donate where most needed or explore other one-time donation options such as donating a goat! Hey, it’s a good source of nutritious dairy products, both for consumption and sale. 😉

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Happy World Breastfeeding Week!!!

So glad Nhatz was able to capture this moment… I was protesting at the time he took this… I didn’t know it would be the last day I would be able to breastfeed Sofia.

This photo also appeared when the article on Breastfeeding Against All Odds was originally published in Smart Parenting.

Nursing 04-24

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